Recruitment is no longer an issue for our clients thanks to MVP’s veritable army of professionals who specialize in the following fields:

Outsource Customer Support with MVP

The rise of new media has disrupted the field of business by making marketing too multi-dimensional. With a company’s sales and marketing team spread too thin, traditional forms of media and communication like telemarketing, often get neglected.

MVP offers a unique solution to this problem in the form of its offshore direct marketing team. While direct marketing requires a considerably large sales force to be effective, the results that it produces is undeniably significant.

Core Competencies:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Qualification
  • Appointment Setting
  • Market research
  • CRM Management
  • Rhetoric

Appointment Setting Process

MVP’s four step process ensures short-term and long-term positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Partner Company Meeting – It is vital that we immerse ourselves in the culture, passion, and vision of our partner company in order to forge a genuine connection that will hopefully be reflected in the quality of our telemarketing service.

Our appointment setters have immense potential and their capacity to learn is second to none. This allows them to absorb even the minute details of a product or service in record time.

Lead Generation – We can generate a staggering amount of leads swiftly despite the distance thanks to our extensive experience in the field.

Lead Qualification – Our appointment setters then pinpoint the qualified leads using MVP’s meticulous Lead Qualification Criteria.

Appointment Setting – It is in this step that we can showcase the communicative and persuasive prowess of our telemarketing professionals.

Our appointment setters value the time of their leads, speaking briefly but clearly. They listen intently and take note of every significant detail, eventually using that information to tailor fit their “call to action” statement, ensuring that the appointment is set. After that, it’s up to our partner company’s sales team to close the deal.

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