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Qualities Of An MVP

To ensure the quality of our services, our Human Resource Management team has implemented a rigorous selection process so that only elite professionals may join our ranks.

Candidates are tested to see if their literary and verbal skills meet global standards. Our written and oral exams are specially designed to make sure that those who join us have excellent command of the English language.

The selection process is also designed to find recruits with great potential. This is because our HR manager follows up talent acquisition with exemplary talent management.

With this in mind, we heavily invest in the training and education of our human resources. MVP employees are propelled into a state of constant learning and development. From our On Boarding process that eases in new recruits to the Knowledge Training that they receive from respected Universities, our employees’ professional development is never neglected.

Another aspect of Human Capital Management (HCM) that we prioritize is the personal development of our employees. In order to provide our professionals with the support that they need for their continuous personal development, MVP has gone through great lengths to immerse itself in the culture and traditions of the Filipino people.

Finally, our HR generalist monitors the progress of our professionals using cutting-edge HR software that collects extensive data regarding employee performance, attendance, and development. MVP gives its employees the utmost priority because, after all, it is our job to provide world-class human resources to those who are in need of them.

Meet Our Team

Darren McVean
Chief Executive Officer

Darren is a seasoned software, media and gaming executive with many years of experience…

Operations Executive

With an extensive career that spans the industries of finance, marketing, food service, foreign affairs, and management

HR Officer

Human resource experience with a specialization in talent acquisition including workforce planning, recruiting…

Senior Software Engineer

With almost three decades of experience in software engineering, Jun has had substantial success…

Christian Brian 
Creative Design Director

In his four years of experience in the field of design, Christian Brian has gained a significant degree…

Project Manager, Game Development

Joyce is a veteran of the IT Industry, with more than 10 years of experience in the game development field

Don Apollo
Lead Design and Estimate Engineer

Don is an experienced electrical engineer with a background in electrical & instrumentation costing services.

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