5 Jobs Small Businesses Should Outsource

Owners of small businesses often have to juggle the responsibilities of many different tasks. Read how outsourcing these jobs alleviate the stress and facilitates business growth.

3 minutes | April 21, 2022

In the US, around 300,000 jobs are outsourced annually, and many businesses continue to consider this business process. Outsourcing is the act of externally assigning important business functions to a third-party, essentially following a remote work model. Businesses of all sizes have their reasons for outsourcing, including managing overflowing tasks, lack of physical space, and reducing costs.


As a small business, outsourcing allows you to get more done and trust important tasks and processes to professionals, without having to actually grow your full-time team in a significant way. It allows you to keep costs under control, increase efficiency and focus on the parts of your business that you actually enjoy and are good at.


How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Outsourcing

Cost Effective. Profit is a very important aspect of most companies, but especially for small businesses. Whether started as a passion project or with the hopes of upscaling quickly, owners need to have a secure and steady flow of income to support their business.

Expansion. It can be difficult for small businesses to secure physical locations and to facilitate the growth of their team. Outsourcing alleviates the stress of accommodating staff by connecting owners with offshore employees in state-of-the-art facilities.

Time Allocation. As an owner of a start-up or growing business, there are many jobs being juggled at a time. Often owners take on the role of multiple different functions, such as accounting, marketing, and customer support. When you outsource these tasks, you can spend more time doing what matters most.


Services Your Business Can Outsource

Accounting and Finance

One of the most commonly outsourced services is accounting as it requires a lot of time and expertise to balance the books. Outsourced accounting services alleviate the stress of learning and following compliance standards, identifying areas for improvement, and measuring cash flows. 


Marketing and Advertising

Growing your business is made possible by great marketing. Whether through paid media, organic content, or market research, your company can benefit from outsourced marketing. Learn more about your audience’s preferences and behaviours with research and apply this to your marketing strategy to boost awareness and sales. 


Customer Support

Customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention is vital to a successful business. Building and maintaining relationships and addressing any pain points is essential but time consuming. Juggling this task among the many others can result in lower-quality communication and damage relationships. Outsourced customer support helps deal with calls, emails, and messages from existing and potential customers.  


Administration Duties

Organisation and extra support is always appreciated by busy business owners and entrepreneurs. Virtual Assistants are growing in popularity for their usefulness with day-to-day tasks of emailing, scheduling appointments, and data management. They seamlessly integrate into any business and allow you to focus on the bigger jobs at hand by handling the tedious administrative tasks.


IT Management

In the modern business world, technology is ever changing and of utmost importance. It’s important to have reliable, secure, and functional technology in place for all business processes. There are bound to be technological mishaps, which is why outsourced IT services have become so high in demand. Minimise your business disruptions and improve your systems for better productivity and revenue.


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