5 Tips for B2B Marketing

| December 5, 2019

Business-to-Business (B2B) organisations have the opportunity to use unique and tailored approaches for digital marketing. Generally, the digital actions of B2B companies are more intentional and are designed to have longer-lasting effects. Below are 5 tips we believe companies should be utilising in 2020 to continue growing and flourishing within the digital ecosystem.


Let’s begin! 


1. Finding your channels 

Each industry has a number of channels that work best for them. It’s important to discover where your key decision-makers or champions are spending their time and take advantage of this. Generally, for B2B companies, channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and eDM marketing tend to work best to get users through the sales funnel. 


Take advantage of your LinkedIn and Twitter analytics which allow you to discover key demographic information about your customers. Additionally, having holistic tracking data across all channels allows you to truly understand how your users interact from channel to channel. 


2. Grow your userbase and nurture your leads

Having a strong email userbase is essential for any business aiming to grow customer loyalty. Email is your direct line of communication with your market and can also be used as ‘audiences’ across your social media channels. 


By creating a streamlined onboarding and nurturing email process, you will be reaching out to your users when they have shown signs that they need guidance or more information. For example, if a subscribed user spends X amount of time on one of your service landing pages, an automatic email is sent with a guide of that particular service. 


There is a fine line between over-communication and under-communication. Make sure that you are consistent across all of your channels and aware of all comms being distributed to your customers.


3. Create valuable, important content and distribute regularly 

If you aren’t already aware, SEO should be a priority in your marketing strategy heading into 2020. You can read more in our recent blog ‘A Brief Look at SEO’. A component of Search Engine Optimisation relates to content marketing. In particular, finding content relevant to your users. Take a look into Google Trends to see topics that are being searched and likely to be found by your customers. 


Once you have created your content, distributing it at the right time and through the right channels is important. Creating gated content and prompting users to enter their details to access it is a simple but effective strategy. Build your user base and distribute branded content at the same time. 


4. Study your customer data and find trends

In this data-driven era, it’s important to study your customer data and forecast activity based on trends. With your chosen channels, combine your user data so you can understand at a more detailed level how they are travelling throughout channels. 


Use these trends to assist you with marketing budget distribution and attribution modelling cross-channels.


5. Build a connected community 

Connection is important for any business. With the rise of digital, users are craving human connection with the convenience that digital channels provide. By creating communities across your digital marketing channels, you’re allowing your customers (and prospects) to communicate with one another and your team. Spend time listening to your market, responding to reviews and genuinely taking in feedback that is relative to your position. 


We understand that digital marketing is a time-consuming discipline for any business. MVP can help you find that time by extending your team with our digital marketing experts. 


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