Benefits of Working with a Remote Team

| November 26, 2019

‘Remote work’ a term that is echoing around the digital industry day-in and day-out. What really is remote work? And is it beneficial for you? Let’s dive into it. 


Remote work nowadays is a working model adopted by many industries to provide employees with more flexibility. It’s common for working parents, individuals with in-work commitments and outsourced work to be located out of the office. The real question is, what are the benefits of remote working and how can you ensure you work efficiently with your out-of-office team?


1. Reduce your staff turnover 

Having a team that doesn’t have to work the classic 9-5 in an office has proven to greatly increase productivity as well as employee satisfaction. Employees are able to work around their own lifestyles while also showing the same level of commitment to their work. 


2. Increase the efficiency of your work

When you have a remote team, particularly an offshore team, they’re working (generally) in a different timezone to you. This means work that you need to be done before 8 am tomorrow but didn’t receive until 5 pm that day (we’ve all been there), can still be completed within the appropriate working times. Don’t let deadlines kill your efficiency. 


3. Access to worldwide talent

How many times have you put out a job ad for a graphic designer or marketing specialist and you feel they didn’t quite hit the mark? When you offshore your work you’re not bound to one person being exposed to your work. Instead, you can have access to worldwide talent that you may not otherwise be exposed to. This can bring the new flare to your business you are searching for. 


The MVP team work remotely at an office in the Philippines which you have direct access to. If you’re looking to expand your team or grow your business, get in touch with our specialists today to see how we can help. 

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