5 Tips to Begin Your Offshoring Journey 1

5 Tips to Begin Your Offshoring Journey

Globalisation, the age of technology and increasing pressure to reduce costs has given rise to the future of offshoring. Offshoring models are now maturing and moving away from a focus on pure cost savings to recognise other benefits such as increased efficiency, flexibility and access to a more div...
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Offshore Development

The Perks of Hiring A Team of Offshore Developers

Application development requires both dedication and skill. Hiring a dedicated development team serves to reduce any shortfall that may occur by an absence of technical know-how and experience. Explore the benefits of hiring a team of offshore developers below.  1. Reduced Costs A new project requi...
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Outsourcing vs. Offshoring by MVP Asia Pacific

How is Offshoring Different from Outsourcing?

Businesses around the globe are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and grow their services. Unfortunately, there is never a simple solution to achieve all of these goals. However, there are a number of methods you could implement to start your path towards a healthy, g...
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Team Care Tips by MVP Asia Pacific

Take Care of Your Team With These Tips

Study after study has shown that emotional intelligence (EQ) is a necessity in strong leadership. However, what tangible things could you be doing to showcase your EQ and inspire your team beyond work? Below is how the MVP leadership goes above and beyond for their teams.  Tip #1: Get to know your ...
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Best Practices To Manage Change - MVP

Best Practices To Manage Change

Change is inevitable. We experience change in every area of our lives. How we decide to deal with this shift and adapt is important to ongoing professional development and growth. For most organisations, change brings uncertainty. So, how can we as professionals manage change and have this filter th...
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Outsourcing in the New Normal 3

Outsourcing in the New Normal

The global COVID-19 pandemic has meant that businesses across every industry have had to rapidly adjust to the new ‘normal’ in order to stay afloat. There are no guidelines or instructions on how to navigate your way through this, as a business and that’s scary. The most you can do is rely on ...
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Offshoring Benefits To Business

How Offshoring Could Benefit Your Business

It’s no secret that offshoring can save an organisation a serious amount on costs. However, if you aren’t choosing the right Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company for your needs it can seem like it’s not worth it. You’ll end up wondering whether the savings are worth the time spent moni...
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