What on earth is BPO?

| January 9, 2020

Techopedia defines BPO as contracting of non-primary business activities and functions to a third-party provider”. This is a concise and simple way to explain what Business Process Outsourcing entails. Following an explanation, comes the questions such as; What should I be outsourcing? What are the benefits for me? How do I even know where to start? Well, these are all great (and relevant!) questions. We hope to answer a few for you below. 


What could you be outsourcing? 

The definition above suggests non-primary business activities, but that depends on what you define as non-primary. Most BPO organisations can handle the ‘basics’ all the way to the ‘advanced’ activities and initiatives. For example, MVP handles app, game and web design/development through to accounting, call centres & more. You can browse more areas here


The benefits of BPO

Business Process Outsourcing has a large number of benefits for any growing company. However, we’re only going to list a few for you below:

  1. Save in costs
    • You can save up to 70% off of your staff costs when you use BPO for your various disciplines. 
  2. Reduce turnover and expand rapidly
    • With an outsourced extension to your team, turnover has proven to decrease as staff are able to work remotely and schedule their time according to various lifestyles. Additionally, your team can expand as rapidly (or as steadily) as you prefer.
  3. Get your hands on international talent
    • How many times have you put out a job application and someone hasn’t quite fit the bill? You can have access to around-the-world talent when you invest in BPO. Have your pick on who works with your brand. 


How to get started with outsourcing

There are a number of companies that facilitate BPO for organisations. Choosing the right business to manage this relationship is crucial to succeeding. Generally, it is found that there is a disconnect between an organisation and its outsourced team. To combat this and streamline the process, MVP Asia Pacific follows your standard hiring structure to ensure the right fit is put into your team. 


MVP wants you to have the same relationship with your outsourced team as you would with your internal staff. You can manage your MVPs as if they were your internal staff with regular meetings, team briefs and more. The focus is that your outsourced team is simply an extension of your existing team. 


If this sounds like something you would be interested in, contact our team to understand more.

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