4 Statistics That Prove Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

| November 30, 2020

You’ve probably been told this before – “your business needs an app”. In our modern, digital world, your business’ key success is down to one thing – being multi-channel. Using multiple channels to establish an effective presence within those channels is vital for the success of your business.


In 2020, the use of mobile apps is considered to be one of the most beneficial and powerful tools to be successful in the digital space. Here are several reasons why your business could benefit from an app in 2021. 


1. Users Spent $100 Billion in Apps in 2018

Users spent $100 Billion in apps in 2018 and close to $120 billion in 2019. With this in mind, monetising an app opens up some revenue streams for any business. Although we tend to use apps day-in and day-out, we don’t often associate them as items that cost money. Studies indicate that apps are rather fertile ground for harvesting revenue as users pay small but continuous amounts of money to apps quite readily. As you can tell, $100 billion in 2018 alone is a significant number and with a staunch mobile app strategy, you too can poise your business for higher revenue figures. With the growth in mobile wallets and other similar technologies, the friction in making digital purchases is going down and people are more readily paying up as long as they get immediate value from their purchases. If you develop your app to offer value to your customers, they’d be happy to pay the right price for it. 


2. A Seamless Experience Across All Devices is Essential

One of the most crucial things your customers want is the ability to interact with your business from any device, at any time without having to restart the session. They want to be able to view a product on their desktop and finish buying it on their mobile device. If it was time for the user to shut down their desktop and head out, not having a mobile app could mean the end of the user interaction. Whereas, if you have a mobile app, the user could continue interacting with you on the app. More importantly, if a user wants to interact with you on the phone but can’t, they might never engage with your business again. It was found that 83% of users expect seamless experiences cross-devices. For any business, customer satisfaction is considered the holy grail which means that you cannot skip having a formidable mobile presence. 


3. Customers Who Have Enjoyed a Brand’s Mobile Experience Are More Likely to Buy From That Brand Again 

Seeing as mobile apps have become such an important part of users’ daily lives, it follows that these app experiences greatly influence their impressions and decisions. The same report also states that 62% of people who happened to have a bad experience on a mobile may never buy from that brand again. The consensus is that to make your customers come back for repeat business, having a user-friendly mobile app can make a world of difference. 


4. The Average Smartphone User Has 80 Apps on Their Phone and Uses About 40 Each Month

How much time do you spend on apps every day? Do you ever use Facebook’s website? I’m guessing you don’t because these types of services offer an unbeatable experience on their apps. That happens to be true for the majority of people around the world, with the average smartphone user having 80 apps installed on their devices. If each user uses about 40 of them each month, that means that they are interacting with 40 different businesses every month just on their smartphones. 


The user-friendliness and on-the-go quality of apps coupled with their immersive user experiences make them an irresistible force, inviting users to interact with them no matter where they are. Due to these attributes, mobile apps have soared in popularity over the last decade, making users extremely comfortable with the idea of making purchases and spending money on apps. Your business can tap into this by creating an app that makes it easy for users to interact with your brand. Even for businesses that don’t need an app for direct revenue, apps provide the most dependable channel for customer interaction and service. 


We could give you several other reasons why you should build a mobile app for your business, but statistics speak louder than opinions. Despite it being a heavily crowded app market, your customers will always need a dependable way to interact with your brand. Ready to take the plunge? MVP Mobile App Developers can develop impressive and functional mobile applications suited to the needs of your business. Learn more about our mobile app development process here. 

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