MVP Asia Pacific Inc (“us”, “we”, or “our”) uses cookies and other similar technologies on the website (the “Service”). By using the Service, you allow the use of cookies.

This Cookies Policy explains what cookies are, how we use cookies and other similar technologies such as web beacons, and how our partner third-parties may use cookies on the Service. It also provides additional information about cookies and your rights to control them.

If you have inquiries regarding our use of cookies and other technologies, please reach us out at [email protected]



What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data, typically composed of letters and numbers, sent by the websites you visit while you are browsing. These cookies are downloaded to your computer or mobile device. They cannot read the data on your hard drive, nor read similar cookies from other websites.

They can be essential or non-essential cookies. Cookies that are automatically sent to your devices are called essential cookies, while cookies which require your consent before sending it to your device are called non-essential cookies.

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Why does MVP Asia Pacific Use Cookies?     

When a user accesses the Service, we may place cookies on the device. These technologies help us to enhance the user experience by optimizing the website based on the user’s preferences. Also, the cookies help us to enable certain functions on the service.

These cookies help us to authenticate users and prevent the use of fraudulent accounts and promote safety.


How does MVP Asia Pacific Use Cookies?

MVP Asia Pacific, Inc. uses different kinds of cookies to enhance your experience and enable certain functionalities on our website.

We use cookies to collect non-personal information from the user.

For non-personal data collected, we may store the information of how you use our Service. We may collect information such as the device you use, your language, time zone, referrer, and location, which could include area code and zip code to enhance your browsing experience.


We may also collect information about your activities on our website to help us understand which part of our service you are interested in and how we can improve our Service.

For personal identifiers such as IP addresses and other similar identifiers, as considered by the local law, along with non-personal information, we treat that combination as a personal information. (Please go to our Privacy Policy for further information on the collected personal information.)

We may place cookies from third-party providers to optimize the targeting of the MVP Asia Pacific, Inc.’s services advertisements.

Please note that we do not control the information collected and stored by the third-party cookies. Should you need information on the third-party’s data collection and processing, please visit the third-party’s website.


What Cookies Do We Use?

Functionality Cookies

These are non-essential cookies which allow us to remember your preferences when using our website, such as your language selection.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies help us to analyze how our website was used. It gathers data on how much time you spent on a page on our Service, or if you get an error from accessing a page.  They help us to improve our website performance.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are vital cookies which enables you to move around the website and access certain features.


The Service also uses third-party cookies to enhance the targeting of our advertisements. Our third-party service providers’ cookies may remember the websites that you visit and collect that information to enhance the effectiveness of our advertising campaign.

We may also use Web beacons to track your movements online to help us enhance our content managing.

We may also Flash Cookies when you access our page with an Adobe Flash plug-in. It can collect information despite disabling or deleting other cookies.


How to Manage Cookies?

You have the right to accept or refuse the cookies.

However, please note, when you choose to refuse and/or delete the cookies, some of our pages might not work properly, and you might not be able to use all the features that we offer.

Should you need further assistance on deleting cookies, please kindly visit the help page of your browser.


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