Offshore Your Engineering Services to Reduce Costs

You can offshore engineering services to save your company time and money which is why we have outlined the six most commonly outsourced engineering tasks.

2.5 | January 18, 2021

From large enterprises to small start-ups, today’s modern businesses realise that offshoring engineering services can be an efficient and cost-effective way to bring their ideas to life. When you outsource your engineering services you could be saving your company time and money. Below are six of the most commonly outsourced engineering services to date. 


CAD and Drafting 

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and Drafting are one of the most commonly sourced engineering services. CAD can range anywhere from creating electronic blueprints, assembling drawings and manufacturing detailed drawings in a software. These can be converted between 2D and 3D drawing formats in order to edit, share and archive models easily. Design services in the engineering industry can be a time-consuming process if not done by an experienced professional, which is why most companies opt to outsource or offshore these tasks. 


Product Development and Design

New product development is among the most popular outsourced engineering services. Utilising professional engineering support for product development and design allows companies to bring their product to the market faster. Research and Development involve bringing your ideas to a team of highly skilled engineers and allowing them to convert your ideas into tangible, final products. 


Simulation and Analysis

All product development requires analysis. Conducting the research and simulation processes involved in analysing a product or part is tedious and needs to be done accurately in order for the end product to be successful. 


Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is the process of taking apart a final product and figuring out how it works. Data is captured from the end product and that information can be used to duplicate the object or provide greater insight into making a new product. With reverse engineering, the engineer will typically create a CAD model of the object and capture data from this model that can be used to redesign or improve the product. 


Technical Documentation

Technical documentation refers to the recording of the functionality, architecture and other important development aspects of a product. Documentation is a necessary part of any engineering task. MVP’s team of design engineers can help improve the efficiency in documentation by improving the process by which it’s done and increasing the security of data. 

Engineering Consulting 

In addition to offering design and analysis expertise, you want to look for a provider who also has exposure to engineering consulting. These areas can include help with technical documentation, machining, low volume rapid prototyping and more.


MVP offers you an experienced and talented full-time resource to handle any of the above tasks and more. If you don’t know where to start or need help finding a solution to a problem you’re facing, contact us below and allow our engineering talent to assess your situation. 

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