5 Facebook Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed

| December 10, 2019

Facebook, although controversial, still tends to be a platform where our users are actively engaged. So, how do we as business owners use this social media network to our advantage? There are a number of ‘typical’ actions to take, such as:


  • Actively engaging with your community 
  • Running brand awareness ads 
  • Having a strong organic content strategy 

However, there are a number of little tricks Facebook has within it that you may find useful for your business. Keep reading below to find out!


1. Take a sneak peek at your competitor’s ads

This little gem can be found here and used on any of your competitor’s pages (unfortunately, this does include your own). If you’re curious as to whether your competition is going after a specific event, or has a new sale planned that has begun distribution, you can take a sneak peek in the Ad Library even if you’re not apart of the intended audience.


2. Save budget where you can! 

This function allows you to select your advertising audiences running over various campaigns and compare whether they are competing or overlapping in any areas. Without getting too technical, the Audience Overlap functionality could be saving you a lot of your ad spend by reducing any cross-bidding in your campaigns. 


3. Invest in the channels that actually matter

Facebook released an attribution modelling functionality within the platform. In layman’s terms, this means you can see which channels are influencing your digital conversions. With this percentage breakdown, you can distribute your marketing budget accordingly. Psst… We recommend the Data-Driven Attribution Model (it’s generally the most accurate). Can’t find it? Contact our team to help you. 


4. Understand your customers at a glance

Much like Google Analytics, Facebook has its own version. If you’re already a GA guru, you will have no trouble getting into the Facebook Analytics. Even if it’s new to you, jumping in and having a look around will help you to understand the type of data that’s coming in. Understand how different users are interacting across all of your digital touchpoints and receive more rich customer data. 


5. Easily run tests without all the data background

Not everyone enjoys numbers, which is why Facebook has a ‘Test & Learn’ feature that is entirely automated. Simply, select the test you want to run and set your campaign up accordingly. It’s important to make sure your campaign is running for a suitable amount of time, other than that, you’re good to go! 


If Facebook is a platform you want to invest in, but you just don’t have the time. MVP has a team of Facebook Gurus that can take this part off of your hands. Have full transparency over what’s happening without having to spend the man-hours executing it. 


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