Finding An Offshore Developer For Your Team

All You Need To Know About Finding Your Offshore Web Developer

4 | September 29, 2021

Are you looking to find an offshore web developer or game developer? Wondering what offshoring development work would involve and how it could benefit you? MVP is breaking offshoring down. 


Software And Web Development

Build the platforms and products your company deserves, with an offshore software and web development team. Your MVP can deliver high-quality web application development for any business. Whether it’s a simple business website with minor functions or an integrated application, your MVP can deliver. Your offshore team member will be well-versed in coding practices and will be able to complete software and web development in a timely and efficient manner. 

Your offshore team member can also enhance your information architecture, with the optimisation of the usability, visibility, and understandability of your software structures and languages. 


Game Development

Your MVP can also work in game development, across multiple areas including:

  • Concept Art

Your MVP will design the creative assets for your game, based upon your ideas and thoughts. 

  • Game Design

Following clear instructions and your guidelines, your MVP will design your game, using elements and assets to create a user-friendly and appealing game experience. 

  • Asset Development (2D & 3D)

Your MVP can develop both 2D and 3D game assets, using the latest design technologies and tools. The artwork will uplift your game design and overall user experience. 

  • Programming

Your MVP can take your ideas and turn them into a game that will have users excited. Your specialist team member has extensive knowledge when it comes to programming, coding, and programming solutions. 

  • Game Testing & Enhancement

By performing tests and making optimisation suggestions, your MVP will have your game working at its optimal level, with user experience and user interface in mind. 


Benefits of hiring an offshore development team member

Why offshore with MVP? There are many benefits to offshoring work to specialists outside of your local team, including:

  • Gaining Access To International Talent

Offshoring allows you to find team members internationally, in specialist areas that you might not find in your local area. 

  • Reduced Overheads

Did you know that by offshoring with MVP, you can reduce your overhead recruitment and running costs by 75%? That’s because you don’t have to put in the time and money into recruiting and meeting with staff. MVP does the hard yards for you so that you can focus on your business. 

  • Access To High-Quality Resources

Through MVP, your offshore team member will have access to high-quality resources, which will not come out of your business budget. You will also gain access to resources that allow you to easily communicate with and manage your newest team member. 

  • Increased Efficiency Within Your Business

By offshoring certain parts of your business, you can focus on the other areas that are most important to you, like growing your business and increasing profit.


All of our specialist staff have the expertise and knowledge to handle your business development needs. Whether you are a large business with a big annual turnover or a small organisation looking for an offshore developer, we can help you grow your business with reduced overhead costs, high-quality resources, and increased work efficiency. Contact our staff today to enquire about finding your MVP!

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