How BPO Supports the Post-COVID Workplace

As people around the world adapted to a new way of life impacted by the pandemic, so too did companies of all sizes.

4 | November 3, 2021

With restrictions on social distancing, maximum capacities, and mask mandates, a lot of companies have had to turn to Working from Home solutions, either on a permanent or rotating basis. Since this shift in the workplace, companies and employees have realised the benefits of working remotely, ultimately shaping a new workplace.


The new workplace

As companies adjusted to restrictions introduced during the pandemic, remote working quickly became the most common solution. This has introduced companies of all sizes, industries, and locations to a new work model for the future. It is predicted that most companies will be adopting these flexible work arrangements instead of the traditional model with all employees working in the office space, suggesting that work isn’t just an office space anymore, it is wherever the staff is. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly common for companies of all industries to seek Business Process Offshoring (BPO) solutions, where they enlist the support of an offshore expert to handle important business functions. 


How the new workplace accommodates BPO 

A key lesson companies have learnt from COVID is that just because your employees aren’t in the office, doesn’t mean that they aren’t just as much a part of the team. In a pandemic that has been defined by distance, uncertainty, and lockdowns, people have learnt that distance is not enough to stop the ball rolling. The new acceptance of remote working and improved adaptability makes it easier than ever to enlist BPO solutions into your company.

Improved communication and strategy.

A barrier that has made companies hesitant to offshore important tasks is the perception that communication will be difficult. However, as companies have adapted to the Working from Home business model, they’ve had to improve their digital communication skills and processes. These new strategies have made it easier to shift to outsourcing important tasks to offshore professionals.

Extension of your team.

A common misconception is that your offshore team members will be operating separately from your company and not integrate well with onshore teams. However, the MVP difference is that your offshore member will become an extension of your team, working cooperatively with your employees and have a deep sense of understanding of your company. The MVP difference enhances your working environment and allows you to expand your team with ease.

The new normal.

As the world adjusts to COVID working restrictions, remote work and offshore processes are becoming more and more common. It has been shown that distance and borders do not have to negatively impact your workflow and business operations, instead providing opportunities to work with highly trained professionals to increase productivity and efficiency. In uncertain times, it’s essential to adapt to the shifting environment in order to maintain a competitive advantage and peak performance.


Benefits of remote work and outsourcing

This new workplace has proven itself as a way for the future and BPO services mean companies can now expand their team with greater ease. There are so many benefits of outsourcing important business functions, and with MVP, these are not limited by industry. Similar to the advantages of having employees work from home, offshoring allows companies to benefit from:

Experts at the click of a button. The hiring for or allocation of important functions within your team is now easier than ever. Let MVP assist you with the assignment of important tasks.

Reduced overhead costs. With offshoring services, you can reduce costs on recruitment and acquiring important technology and spaces.

Increased efficiency. The remote work model works well to increase efficiency of staff with reduced distractions and travel time. Our MVP professionals are highly skilled and provide high-quality work.


Professional offshore processes in the Philippines

MVP provides your company with offshore experts that work well alongside your existing team to deliver high-quality services. When choosing to enlist the help of professional offshoring, MVP can assist your company of any size, industry, or revenue to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Contact our friendly staff today to find out more.

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