Keeping Your Company Safe in the Digital Era

| December 22, 2019

We’re all aware of the data scandals that have been brought to our attention over the last few years. These circumstances have raised the concern around users’ information and how to ethically handle data you may be collecting. A more popular policy is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is actively enforced in the EU. 


GDPR – what is it and how can it affect you? 

GDPR, although active in the EU, can still be affecting your data collection anywhere in the world. To summarise, this policy is regarding the ethical collection of users data and limits the amount that can be collected and stored at any given time.

No doubt, you have noticed on particular websites a pop-up informing you that cookies are used and you are prompted to accept or reject them. These are GDPR compliant businesses that most-likely have some form of dealing in the EU. However, these compliance best-practices should be used world-wide for transparency to users. For more information on the GDPR, we recommend heading here


Ethically collecting and using data

As previously mentioned, websites are now informing users of data collection and allowing them to accept it. This is an example of an ethical practice in data collection.

Having up-to-date privacy policies and terms & conditions is another crucial component of protecting your users and your company. At a minimum, every 1-2 years have your policies reviewed and updated with any new digital compliance that may be established over this time.

Along with policy updates, ensuring you’re up-to-date and complying with spam acts will minimise blacklisting of your organisation. B2B organisations generally have a strong userbase which they send regular emails with updates, news and more. To comply with spam acts, your users should have opted-in to the email system to receive updates. Sending out regular ‘opt-in’ emails to your userbase is a best practice to reduce unsubscribes, clean your email list and ensure only high-quality leads are in your system. 


Making sure you’re secure 

Most individuals are unaware of the ways they can be protecting themselves and their company data. Luckily there are a number of organisations that can handle this with a simple annual subscription. These businesses tend to take care of data encryption, firewalls and all the other security-based tasks. 

There are many different ways to protect your data, the first step is to acknowledge it. 


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