Taking Advantage of Low-Cost BPO Solutions

How can low-Cost BPO solutions help your business?

6 | September 17, 2021

There is a lot of information surrounding BPOs and outsourcing work, with much of the information highlighting the possible downfalls and negatives. We want to clear up the misconceptions and help you understand how taking advantage of low-cost BPO solutions can help your business processes. 


What is a BPO and how does it work? 


BPO stands for Business Process Offshoring. This means hiring a remote team member to complete work or parts of work for your business. The remote team member will become an extension of your local team. 


What kind of work can my MVP complete?


We offer a wide range of specialist areas. Your MVP will have specialised skills and experience, meaning they have a background in that area and a deep understanding of what you need. Some of our specialty areas include:


  • Contact Centre & Data Entry
  • Administrative & Virtual Assistants
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Architecture & Drafting
  • Real Estate & Management
  • Software & Web Development
  • Engineering & Product Design
  • IT & Cyber Security
  • Marketing & Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Design & User Testing


MVP is dedicated to helping you grow your team with a group of dedicated experts. Your MVP is available when you need them, working at the same time as your local staff. They become an extension of your local team, attending team meetings virtually and fitting in with your current staff. 


What are the advantages of low-cost BPO solutions? 


Offshoring work to your MVP can save you up to 75% in overhead costs! This is down to MVP completing the interview and training processes, so you can focus on your local business solutions. Your MVP works from the office here in the Philippines, meaning you don’t have to foot the bill for office and stationery set-up for your new team member. 


You are able to spend more time focussing on growing your business, attending local meetings, and working with your staff by offshoring time-consuming and repetitive tasks. 


Taking advantage of low-cost BPO solutions helps you and your staff to be more productive, ensuring you have the time to build your business, take on more work and increase your income. There are multiple ways in which a BPO can assist you in the day-to-day tasks of business ownership including data entry, finance, cyber security, and marketing. You can decrease the cost of each of these areas by having an offshore team member working in these areas instead of hiring an in-house staff member. This works especially well if there is little need for a full-time staff member in these areas. 


How can we help you? 


Finding a new staff member who fits into your local team can be time-consuming and stressful. We understand that here at MVP, which is why we help complete the interviewing and onboarding process. All you have to do is provide guidance on what you are looking for in a team member. MVP Asia Pacific follows a strict hiring procedure and communicates with you throughout the entire process to make sure your MVP is the right fit. If you think a BPO in the Philippines could help your business processes, contact the friendly team at MVP Asia Pacific today. 

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