6 Simple Ways to Make Data Your Friend

| December 15, 2019

Data, data, data! No doubt, you have heard this buzzword echoing around every industry. Some may consider it a trend, but data has fueled business decisions and marketing initiatives from day dot. The question is, how could you be using data to feed into every aspect of your business? Below are 6 simple ways we believe data could become your new best friend.


  1. Invest more time in understanding your data

This should come as no surprise that understanding your numbers is a sure-fire way to kick-start your data journey. Spend a generous amount of time going through all your data sources and understanding your numbers. For example, going through your Google Analytics to visualise how users may be interacting with your digital platforms. 


  1. Consolidate all of your data sources 

With this tech-fueled era, it’s easy to have an inundation of data sources which in turn leads to an inundation of data itself. It’s best to ensure you have a single source of truth that all of your sources can integrate into. We recommend Google Analytics as it tends to be the most intuitive system that integrates into almost every platform. 

Psst… Most platforms are able to integrate into any data consolidation platform through an API. Not sure how to do this? Contact our team to help out


  1. Map out what you want to learn from your data 

Now you have all this data, great! But, what the heck are you meant to do with it!? Well, the first step is to work with every discipline in your organisation to uncover what truly matters for business success. Your data shouldn’t be confined to your SEO team, it should be shared (and celebrated) company-wide. Ask around and gather intel on what is important to your team, what would help them with their roles and what can ultimately put you on the path to business success. Once you gather this, you should be able to understand how data can feed into it. 


  1. Create automated dashboards to share with your team

Google Data Studio is a fantastic way to create compelling dashboards that you can share with stakeholders or even your internal team. Once you have gathered what you would like to learn from your data, you can then put this into a live dashboard that updates on the go. Don’t waste time creating endless reports, use a dashboard instead! 


  1. Rely on data-driven models 

Facebook and Google both have released data-driven attribution models on each platform. This now allows you to see which channels are ultimately contributing to your conversion goals. We recommend using both as you will be able to cross-check your data with another model. If you’re unsure how to set this up, our team of MVPs can help you!


  1. Check-in on your data all the time

Checking in on your data is a given and should be treated with diligence. Assign a recurring event in your calendar for you to check in on your data at least once a week. It’s important to monitor in case you see any outliers or abnormalities as this could indicate something amazing (or the alternative…).  


If you’re wanting to kickstart your data journey, MVP has a team of data gurus itching to get onboard your team. Contact our staff today to see how we can help you grow. 

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