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About Mobile App Development

MVP Mobile App Developers are expert mobile application developers who get the job done well, no matter how big or small the tasks are.

We deliver high-quality mobile applications to business owners and other firms who aim to explore the power of mobile technology, focus on their work goals instead of workloads, and significantly lower their overhead costs.

We are here to turn your visions into reality and assist you throughout the mobile app development cycle.


Mobile Platform

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An Apple Inc. mobile operating system designed and created for its mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.


A Google-designed operating system based on open source software such as Linux, and designed for smartphones, tablets and other gadgets.

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Programming Screen


The combined element of native and web technologies, enabling apps to access mobile hardware capabilities and to run on both iOS and Android OS.



Android Studio

Google’s official platform for developing Android OS apps which helps developers to analyse APK files, simulate better, and write codes faster


An integrated development environment consists of unified workflow for UI design, coding and testing Apple OS-based apps for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS

Hybrid Development Framework


A free and open source framework for hybrid mobile apps with mobile tool kit enabling developers to create apps using a single code base

React Native

A mobile app framework which allows reusing and sharing of codes between iOS and Android, but still retaining separate user interface

jQuery Mobile

An open source mobile framework based on HTML-5 UI system, which can make websites and apps responsive on any device such as desktop, mobile or tablets

Programming Language



A safe, easy-to-read and -maintain programming language used for Apple’s Mac, watch and TV operating systems, enabling software to run fast



An object-oriented programming language mainly used in Apple OS which inherits C’s features and influenced by Smalltalk



A .NET framework dependent, yet powerful and flexible language used to build native applications, games, websites, and other native OS apps



A language with higher API level, fewer limits on device functionality access, and gives apps a web-style development performance on a native look