Grow your business with offshore admin and virtual support

How Can Offshore Admin and Virtual Support Help Grow Your Business?

5 | October 6, 2021

What is offshore admin and virtual support? 


Offshore virtual and admin support specialists can perform a variety of duties to keep your business running smoothly. Your BPO specialist can assist you in the following areas:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Writing and replying to email communications
  • Booking appointments
  • Data cleaning
  • Data management
  • Bookkeeping and other ad-hoc duties 


Your offshore admin and virtual support staff member becomes an extension of your local team. They adhere to the same rules and policies and can produce work at the same standard as your local team. 

You have full control over your offshore BPO team members and have a constant communication line with them. Your admin or virtual support team member works during the same business hours as your local team. This ensures they can attend any internal meetings and reply to communications within your set business hours. 


What are the benefits of accessing offshore admin and virtual support? 

Why offshore with MVP? There are many benefits to offshoring work to specialists outside of your local team, including:

  • Increase the time your local team spends on their specialist areas

Every team member has their strengths and weaknesses. Let your local team focus on their specialist areas whilst your offshore team member gets on top of your virtual assistance and admin support tasks. 

  • Reduce overhead costs by offshoring 

Does saving up to 75% on overhead costs sound appealing? It can be a reality when you choose to offshore admin and virtual support with MVP! Don’t waste money on expensive onshore recruitment fees. Get in touch with MVP today. We take the hard work out of finding you a new team member. 

We cover recruitment fees, as well as training and development costs. If you are a small business in its first stage of growth, offshoring can save you money when it comes to office and technology fees. 

  • Gain access to international talent

When you offshore with MVP, you gain access to international talent, increasing your business talent pool significantly. 

  • Increase your business efficiency 

Don’t waste time focusing your efforts on tedious admin and virtual support tasks. Increase your business efficiency when you offshore with MVP. A BPO can save you time and money by allowing you to focus your attention on growing your business and increasing your profits.

  • Time zones are no issue for your team members!

As your team member is located in the Philippines, they are able to work at the same time as your local team. This means they can attend internal meetings and conduct their work during your business hours. 


Our specialist admin and virtual support staff have the right expertise and knowledge to help streamline your business. Contact our friendly team today to enquire about finding your MVP!

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