The Perks of Hiring A Team of Offshore Developers

| November 10, 2020

Application development requires both dedication and skill. Hiring a dedicated development team serves to reduce any shortfall that may occur by an absence of technical know-how and experience. Explore the benefits of hiring a team of offshore developers below. 


1. Reduced Costs

A new project requires significant investment from any organisation. This can include labour and hiring costs, software research, implementation and let’s not even get started on hardware. By outsourcing your development needs, you could be drastically reducing your expenses and freeing your time to focus on user experience. Offshoring the development work to a third party ensures the delivery of a high-quality app at a fraction of the cost. 


2. Predictable and Defined Budget

Sourcing offshore developers have proven to be a viable method to effectively stay within budgets. Generally speaking, most companies will have a document known as a ‘Scope of Work’ (often referred to as Statement of Work). This document refines the terms of engagement and deliverables expected over the duration of a project. Having this document ensures that there are no surprises when it comes to budgeting your project. 


3. Expanded Skills

Having access to an offshore development team opens you up to a pool of talented developers from all over the world. This access expands your capabilities and takes obligations such as rehiring or retraining of employees off of your plate. With communication apps and methods in their current state, synchronising the work of offshore developers is a seamless experience. 


4. Flexibility 

Offshore developers are an addition to your internal team. An offshore development team allows project development to be agile and responsive to changes and challenges that may arise. With the help of your offshore team, delivering projects promptly and within budget constraints becomes easier, even when the project priorities and necessities shift. 


5. High Level of Engagement 

Offshore team management is key to your project development. One of the many outsourcing team benefits is the control it gives you over the project. The developers need to interact with you, the client and your team. With daily or weekly communications and access to tools such as Slack, Skype and Microsoft Teams, you can manage the team effectively which in turn enhances the team’s productivity and positive results. 


Hiring a team of offshore developers goes beyond just cost-saving and skilled employees. It also benefits the project long-term, before, during and after development. It can be daunting switching to an offshore model for your workplace, however, the perks speak for themselves. 


It’s understandable to have additional questions about a new business model, that’s why our team is fully equipped to handle all questions regarding the switch to offshoring via MVP. Feel free to contact our team here.


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