5 Website Maintenance Tasks That You Could Offshore

You could be improving your website performance by offshoring to the Philippines today.

3.5 minutes | February 15, 2021

As a business owner, your plate is full of day-to-day responsibilities, meaning it can be difficult to keep track of various aspects of your business. One important element of a business that is often overlooked can be the maintenance of a website. With your website being the direct link to your customers, a poorly maintained website can wreak havoc on your business’ best intentions to keep your visitors informed and satisfied.

There are many layers that come together in the development of a professional and effective business website. Many of the components that comprise your website require routine maintenance and updates to ensure your business is providing its customers with the best overall web experience possible.

In order to be highly effective, website maintenance can often require weekly, monthly and quarterly updates. A randomised approach to website maintenance can lead to security risks not only for your business but for your visitors. Properly maintaining a website is not a one and done task. It requires an organised and scheduled strategy to keep your site running at its best.

Implementing a well-thought-out website maintenance plan will make certain your business is providing the best overall web experience possible but you may now be wondering just how you will manage your time and responsibilities to fit in yet another complex task. The reality is that website maintenance can be tedious and time-consuming. Hiring an in-house web developer is expensive and more often than not, can be cost-prohibitive for most businesses. However, offshoring your website maintenance responsibilities provides your business with the opportunity to hire a team with the experience and knowledge necessary to complete these tasks routinely and efficiently.

Once you decide to offshore your website maintenance, it is important to make sure you are hiring the right professional for you. Website maintenance can entail highly technical work best suited for a web developer as well as content creation and management which can be delegated to offshore marketers and content creators.

Reviewing the work required for your business website and delegating these tasks can at first be daunting and overwhelming which is why we have listed 5 website maintenance tasks you could delegate to your offshore employees.

Content Creation and Management

Adding new, engaging and appealing content is crucial to the maintenance of your business website. Your offshore employee can create and upload fresh content to your website, keeping your business present and relevant to your audience. Content creation includes but is not limited to writing and updating blog articles, creating posts for your social media channels and uploading images representing your brand and offerings. Your offshore employee can review your content library and remove or update any content that is out of date or no longer relevant to your audience. They can also research and identify your best performing website content through engagement and views helping you to better understand your audience and what they value.

Testing of Website

A web developer has the tools and resources needed to quickly identify errors, missing links and issues affecting your end-users experience on your website. They can test your website, pages and forms to ensure that everything is in working order and fix anything that is not.

Updating Security Measures

When it comes to a business website, security must be your top priority. Cyber threats are an ever-growing problem not only for companies but also for their customers. Maintaining a secure website with the latest security updates and measures allows you to have peace of mind and confidence that you are providing a safe and secure experience on your website.

Research for SEO Purposes

Keeping your business in line with current trends and practices improves your website’s performance in search and ranking. Your offshore employee can help you research the most relevant and best performing keywords for your business and industry to apply to your current SEO strategy.

Review and Update Contact & Payment Information

Inaccurate business information or out-of-date payment information can be disruptive to your business’ earnings. A web developer can help make sure your business’ identifying information is accurate and uniform across all web elements as well as link your web store and reservation tools to the appropriate payment channels.

If you are looking for help in offshoring your business’ website maintenance, contact us at MVP to let us connect you with the experienced and knowledgeable professionals you need.

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