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Philippine Office

Why in PH?

With a surrounding population exceeding 12 million people, MVP has a access to a large pool of English speaking, highly educated individuals available to work across a multitude of industries.

The Philippines is widely regarded as the number one global destination for offshore staffing. The Philippines is also home to the world’s third largest English speaking population and an education system that sees over 250,000 graduates joining the outsourcing industry every year.

Offshoring this type of work has fast become one of the Philippines largest sources of revenue. The Local government is extremely familiar with this type of work and sees local business process outsourcing (BPO) as a huge asset.

Where in PH?

MVP Headquarters is perfectly located 80km north of Manila, based in the largest technology and business park of the Philippines. Sitting adjacent to MVP HQ is Clark International Airport and the North Luzon Expressway providing unparalleled levels of accessibility for staff and visitors. Additionally, you will find hotels, restaurants, gaming centres and world class golf courses within a short drive.

Mutual Strategic Trust is essential in securing our future and stability, and Greater trust is integral for broader cooperation and collaboration with our employees and clients.

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