Outsourcing in the New Normal

| June 14, 2020

The global COVID-19 pandemic has meant that businesses across every industry have had to rapidly adjust to the new ‘normal’ in order to stay afloat. There are no guidelines or instructions on how to navigate your way through this, as a business and that’s scary. The most you can do is rely on your intuition, knowledge of your organisation and the advice of others in similar positions. 


Derek Gallimore invited Clint Luna, CEO, and Chad Chambers, General Manager, to discuss what outsourcing looks like in the ‘new normal’. The team discuss industry disruptions, remote working adjustments and how outsourcing could be helping your business. 


You can listen to the podcast here, or continue reading for a summary. 


Being comfortable with uncomfortable

Several months ago, when COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, like most businesses, MVP faced a temporary downturn in work. As the days and weeks progressed, it became evident that people were beginning to feel more comfortable with the ‘new normal’ and started looking at how they can save money. Companies were looking at how a BPO could help their business with cost-saving initiatives.


An adaptive business model

It’s incredible how a terrible situation can ultimately show the strength of organisations. A lot of businesses have been extremely agile with the new environment and understood that change is inevitable. Preparation has proven to be an extremely important factor. When there were hints of this situation intensifying, the team at MVP prepared for remote working and what that will look like in a business sense. 

MVP CEO, Clint Luna mentioned:

“It was actually on the day that I announced we were moving to a work-from-home arrangement in a nice orderly fashion, that they (the government) announced that we’re bringing in a lockdown tomorrow.”


Leverage offshoring to grow and save

Businesses face the age-old concern of whether BPOs will offer quality services in comparison to their onshore team. While this is a valid concern when you find the right BPO for you, these concerns should be managed and addressed through rigorous QA & supportive teams. At MVP, process and effective management are crucial to our success (and our clients’ success). We believe in immersing the offshore employees in the onshore employees’ team. This can be done in many ways and is completely subjective to your organisation structure. Whether you want to have daily catch-ups, weekly meetings or simply, Friday beers, inviting your offshore team along will assist in solidifying the relationship and trust between each other. 


As COVID-19 restrictions begin to be lifted, more and more businesses are looking for opportunities to grow in this ‘new normal’. If you’re looking for an organisation to assist you in rapid growth and be adaptive to your preferences, MVP could be the perfect partner for you. Contact our team today to see if we’re the right match. 

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