Expert Staffing Solutions at The Staffing Success Summit

Clark, Pampanga 03 October 2018 – MVP Asia Pacific Inc. will hold its 2018 Staffing Success Summit in Australia this October 11, 12 and 15 in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney respectively.

The free staffing seminar will be highlighting several frustrations and problems which CEOs and other company management personnel face every day. The seminar aims to help companies ease staffing problems and get the maximum benefit of a well-organised and productive workforce.

Staff management is one of the top problems in any business. Poorly implemented regulations and ineffective management often hinder a company on attaining its objectives.

According to Darren McVean, President of MVP Asia Pacific, “Human force is the most important asset in any organisation. If managed properly, it can maximise every individual’s capabilities and boost a company’s profitability.”

The seminar will also present business owners and decision makers with ways on how to lower operational cost without sacrificing the quality of its service and staff employment. It will also reveal tailored solutions for businesses who want to grow and realign their standard operating procedures. The seminar will show ways on how C-level people and other decision-makers can achieve their work-life balance.

The speakers, Darren McVean and Stephen Burns, will also share their expertise in creating effective business strategies and dealing with conflicts. The seminar would help different businesses, clients, and organisations to transform its challenges into an increase of profitability and strengthen its company value.

Discover a win-win business approach to increase the company’s profitability through the Staffing Success Summit happening on 11 October at Novotel Brisbane, on 12 October at Novotel Melbourne on Collins, and on 15 October at Novotel Sydney Parramatta. The seminar has two sessions for every location — 10 AM and 1 PM.  To find out more details and to register for our event, visit .

About the speakers

Darren McVean

Darren is a staff performance expert and a seasoned software, media, and gaming executive with many years of experience managing large remote teams in both Asia and Europe.

He is responsible for the daily operations of MVP and has been creating a high-performance culture across all divisions to deliver industry-leading solutions to our clients.

Stephen Burns

Stephen is the founder and CEO of the Citycorp Group of companies in the accounting and finance sectors.

He’s an expert in operations management, marketing strategy, advertising, public relations and business development across different sectors including telecommunications, IT, media, retail/ commercial property, tax and accounting and franchising.

Media Contact:
Daniel Zarecki
AU: +61 7 3063 9632

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