Principles of Graphic Design & How You Could Be Using Them

| June 28, 2020

Graphic design exists in every industry. With a solid understanding and use of design principles, you could shift the perception of your brand. There are a number of areas in design that can be applied to any business including; colour psychology, repetition of elements, contrast, and more. 


Principle #1: Utilisation of White Space

From a business owner’s perspective, you want to make sure all the information you have on your services is available to a user at any given time. However, from a design perspective, the more text used in a space creates clutter and pushes prospects away. 

Try utilising white space in your design with a strong headline that drives conversion and explains your business. Not only will your design team thank you, but so will your marketers. 


Principle #2: Experiment with Typography

Typography is the styling and overall appearance of fonts and text. Most businesses have what is referred to as a ‘style guide’. This normally contains your brand fonts, alignment, and colours. Spend time evaluating your font choice and alignment of your text on your website, print collateral, and digital channels. If you find they are difficult to read or simply don’t align with your brand anymore – it may be time for a change! 

There are two main groups of font types known as; serif and sans serif. We recommend reading Canva’s Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing to understand the differences as well as get your hands on some great font pairings! 


Principle #3: Content Hierarchy is Important

By structuring your content in an appropriate hierarchy, you are helping your users to navigate through your collateral with ease. When accessing anything that you have written, it’s important to understand the difference between ‘Headline, Sub Headline, Body’ content. By appropriately displaying this, your users will be able to know which pieces of content you want them to read immediately. This also links back to pairing the appropriate fonts and utilising the best typography for your brand. 


That’s it! We hope these 3 simple principles will help guide you in your graphic design journey for your business. If you’re looking to outsource your design work, our team of gurus can help build your brand and push through the noise to get in front of your key users. 

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