Take Care of Your Team With These Tips

| July 18, 2020

Study after study has shown that emotional intelligence (EQ) is a necessity in strong leadership. However, what tangible things could you be doing to showcase your EQ and inspire your team beyond work? Below is how the MVP leadership goes above and beyond for their teams. 


Tip #1: Get to know your individual team members beyond just work-life


Knowing your teams’ working style is the easy part, but going beyond work and understanding your teams’ personal characteristics, beliefs and values takes time and effort. It’s surprising how many managers and people in leadership don’t spend the time to individually get to know their team. 

Although this can be a long and ongoing effort, the results from truly understanding your team are tenfold. Not only will you gain a deeper level of inspirational leadership, but your team will also work hard to deliver results for you. 


Tip #2: Stand up for your team 


Managers are likely to have regular management catch-ups with their C-suite or leadership teams. This is the time to discuss any issues or achievements of various teams. If someone from another team or your boss mentions your employees, make sure you have all the necessary information to go in to bat for your team. 

If your boss mentions your team is underperforming and this is true, it’s important to take that information and deliver it to your team in a way that won’t discourage or dishearten them. Refer to your employees’ individual characteristics to deliver this type of feedback.


Tip #3: Make time for your team 


As a person in leadership, it can be hard to create time for yourself, let alone your team. However, putting aside time for your staff should be number one on your priority list. This could be a number of things, such as;

  • Regular catch-up meetings to check in with your team 
  • 5 minutes in the morning to have a coffee with your staff 
  • Friday night after-work drinks
  • Team bonding sessions


There are so many ways you can spend time with your employees and each can serve a different purpose. Whether it’s assisting in professional development or simply getting to know one another, creating time will show them you are genuine and only want the best for them.


Tip #4: Give your team a voice 


Nothing speaks more volume about your leadership style than giving your team a voice to speak their minds. This requires all ego to be put aside because some of the feedback may be about (yup, you guessed it) you! You will be required to objectively listen to your team and truly understand their perspectives. 

Once you’ve heard them out, then you need to provide actionables to their feedback. Your team needs to know they can trust you and when you say you’ll help them, you actually take action. Nothing is worse than appearing like you have understood your team but then you don’t provide any action.


Tip #5: Celebrate your team & their wins


Celebrating wins and achievements is integrable to making your employees feel appreciated. Ensure you give recognition where it is due and don’t take credit for their efforts. When there are large milestones for projects achieved, take celebrating to the next level with bonuses or small gifts. Your team will appreciate that you thought of them and that you care about their wins as much as they do. 

There are so many ways you can take care of your team and become a transformational leader. Hopefully, these tips assist you in your journey and take you on the path to inspiring your employees.

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