What is a marketing BPO and how does it work?

A marketing BPO is a specialist who can assist with all of your marketing needs - from paid media, to graphic design and search engine optimization.

4 | August 15, 2021

Offshoring can be a great option for businesses that are looking to extend their team and discover overseas talent. For small businesses, offshoring can provide quality, professional work at a reduced cost for the business. This is where MVP can assist. 



How to find a marketing BPO?

Firstly, BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing is a way to offshore or outsource work to specialists outside of your business. A marketing BPO is a specialist who can assist with all of your marketing needs – from paid media to graphic design and search engine optimization. There are many BPOs to choose from, but only MVP acts as an extension of your local team, finding you quality specialists who can take on your business’s marketing needs. 



What does offshoring marketing involve?

MVP provides the answer to a wide range of your marketing needs.


Paid Media: Our team of digital marketing experts liaises with our design team to create the content being distributed to your platforms based on data metrics and customer feedback.

Marketing Strategy: MVP marketing experts can help you to implement holistic marketing strategies across your entire organisation, increasing brand awareness and overall exposure. 

Search Engine Optimisation: Using various search engine marketing techniques and applications, your MVP will assist your business with tasks such as on-page optimisations, off-page optimisations, link building, and more.

Graphic Design: Your MVP will deliver engaging brands, identities, websites, and visual marketing solutions. Your BPO expert will use computer design software to visually create content that communicates the product of your organisation while attracting your key target markets.




What are the benefits of offshoring your marketing?

You might have heard a lot of negative misinformation when it comes to offshoring work. At MVP, we find you a professional team member who is experienced in the specific area you need. Your new team member, whilst working offshore, is an extension of your local team and works under the same regulations and business policies. You have full control over your MVP, with direct communication and access daily. 


Some of the benefits of offshore marketing are:


  • Reduced overhead costs. Hiring an offshore team member can help your business to reduce its overheads. Offshore marketing team members are often more affordable than local or in-house marketing staff. 
  • High-quality resources. At MVP, we use high-quality resources and software, to ensure your marketing needs are met and work is done both efficiently and effectively. 
  • Increased efficiency. When you offshore your marketing tasks, you will be able to focus your time on other areas of your business. This frees up the rest of your team to focus on their areas of expertise, with an offshore team member taking care of all your marketing needs. 

Professional offshore marketing in the Philippines

All of our BPOs have the expertise and knowledge to handle your business’ marketing needs. Whether you are a large business with a big annual turnover or a small organisation, we can help you grow your business with reduced overhead costs, high-quality resources, and increased work efficiency. Contact our staff today to enquire about finding your MVP!

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