What To Expect From Offshore Engineering

MVP offshore your business processes to specialist team members in the Philippines who become an extension of your local team.

4 | August 30, 2021

Hiring a new team member can be a lengthy and stressful process, especially if there are no suitable candidates. MVP offshore your business processes to specialist team members in the Philippines who become an extension of your local team.


One of our areas of work is engineering and product design. MVP engineering specialists focus on areas such as product design, product development, and product engineering which help your organisation reduce costs, raise efficiency levels and increase the time managers spend on the day-to-day running of the business. You can offshore engineering tasks which can help to free up the time of your local team. 


What does an MVP offer? 


  • Product Design

Offshore your UI/UX design tasks to your MVP. They are experts in user experience and creating the best user interface on your platform. Effective UI/UX can help you to deliver a high-quality product and maximise your profits in the market. 


  • Product Development

Your MVP will be able to create products and platforms using the latest and most efficient frameworks and languages. 


  • Product Engineering

Your MVP is your engineering expert. We ensure efficiency by providing concepts to creation all under one roof.


Your offshore MVP can offer work such as CAD and drafting, design and development, simulation and analysis, reverse engineering, technical documentation, and engineering consulting. They are specialists in these areas so that your local staff can focus on on-site visits and face-to-face meetings with stakeholders. 



What are the benefits of offshoring engineering? 


  • Streamline your business, by offshoring tasks so that your local team can focus on their specialist areas. This ensures that the whole business is streamlined. 


  • Reduce spending around recruiting and interviewing by hiring an offshore team member. Offshoring with MVP can reduce up to 70% of your overhead costs. MVP will even conduct interviews for you!


  • You and your MVP get access to high-quality resources, so you can enjoy the best outcomes without the costs of purchasing, storing, and maintaining software or equipment. 


  • Your MVP is an engineering specialist. The work that they complete will be matched against your local team’s standard of work, ensuring a consistent output company-wide. As your MVP is an extension of your local team, the same rules and regulations will apply across the board. 


How MVP Asia Pacific can help you


We understand that it can be difficult choosing the right team to manage your offshore business processes. Having the right team is crucial for successful offshoring and happy staff. MVP Asia Pacific follows a strict hiring procedure and communicates with you throughout the entire process to make sure your MVP is the right fit. If you think a BPO in the Philippines could help your business processes, contact the friendly team at MVP Asia Pacific today. 

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